Chrysler Air Raid Siren Maintenance Manual

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  SOUND OUTPUT 138 decibels 100 ft. from throat of Compressor
  Siren Dimensions  
  Assembly overall length 135 inches
  Assembly overall width 45 inches
  Assembly height 62 inches
  Assembly height
including exhaust pipe
71 inches
  Siren Weights  
  Engine Unit 2408 pounds
  Compressor Unit 2145 pounds
  Frame and Base 990 pounds
    Total 5543 pounds
  Engine Unit Dimensions  
  Overall length 58 inches
  Overall width 34 inches
  Overall height to top of hood 45 inches

Overall height to include exhaust pipe

55 inches
  Compressor Unit Dimensions  
  Overall length 60 inches
  Overall length without horns 34 1/2 inches
  Overall width 43 inches
  Overall height 43 inches
  Frame and Base Dimensions  
  Overall length 96 inches
  Overall width 35 1/2 inches
  Overall height 8 inches
  Overall height including turntable 14 1/4 inches
  WINTERIZATION Standard unit equipped for starting and operating at Minus 25 Degrees F.
  Type 4 cycle, gasoline
  No. of Cylinders 8
  Cylinder Arrangement 90 Degree Vee
  Bore 3 13/16 inches
  Stroke 3 5/8 inches
  Piston Displacement 331.1 Cubic inches
  Compression Ratio 7.5 to 1.
  Gross Horsepower 180 horsepower
  A.M.A. Horsepower 46.5 horsepower
  Valve Arrangement  
  Overhead lateral Valve Material Silicon-chrome steel
  Exhaust Valves Stellite faced
  Combustion Chamber Hemispherical type
  Fuel Regular grade
  Pistons Aluminum Alloy
Tin plated
Steel Strut-slipper type
  Piston Rings 2 compression 1 oil
  Top Ring Chrome plated
  Crankshaft Drop forged steel - 5 bearings
  Camshaft High strength cast iron - 5 bearings
  Camshaft Drive Silent chain
  Crankshaft Bearing 2 1/2 inches diameter
  Lubrication Pressure type
  Oil Pump Rotor type
  Oil Capacity 5 quarts
  Oil Filter Full flow
  Ignition Battery type
  Distributor Double breaker - splash proof
  Spark Plug 14 MM resistor type
  Starting 6 Volt electric
  Generator 6 Volt 50 ampere - max. charging rate
  Generator Regulator Full voltage and current control
  Carburetor Dual Venturi downdraft
  Cooling System Centrifugal pump type 15 gallon capacity
  Temperature Control By-pass type thermostat
  Fuel Feed Diaphragm type pump
  Fuel Tank 25 gallon capacity
  Drive 13 inch Gyrol fluid coupling
  Clutch 11 inch friction type single plate, dry disc
  Release Mechanism Over center release with ball type throw out bearing
  Engine Siren Connection Direct connected through high velocity heavy duty universal joints
  Type 3 stage centrifugal type compressor stiff shaft unit
  Capacity 3265 CFM free air at 14.7 psia and 70 deg. F.
  Discharge Volume 2610 CFM
  Discharge Pressure 6.95 psig
  Rated Speed 4600 RPM
  Housing Material Cast iron
  Impellers Shrouded cast aluminum heat treated alloy
  Housing Size 43 inch outside diameter
  Impeller Size 22 3/4 inch diameter
  Shaft Support Spherical seat anti-friction, grease lubricated bearings
  Shaft Material Hot rolled steel
  Packing Rings Cast aluminum Labrinth packing rings - protect interstage leakage
  Rotating Element High speed chopper
  Rating 138 decibels max. 100 ft. from throat of Compressor
  Frequency 460 cycles per second
  Housing Material Cast iron
  Chopper Material Steel
  Housing Ports 6 adjustable cast iron ports
  Type 6 throated cast directional beam exponential type
  Material Cast aluminum heat treated alloy
  Size Length - 25 1/2 inches
Height - 37 1/2 inches
Width - 19 inches
  Type Rectangular - 8 inch channel iron supported on turntable base
  Base Material Cast iron
  Base Size 36 inch diameter
  Turntable Speed 1 1/2 RPM at siren rated speed of 4600 RPM
  Turntable Drive Vee belt drive and geared reduction automatically disengaged when engine is declutched
  Operation Units can be started, idled, operated at rated speed or cycled from remote location
  Installation Components integral with siren - external circuits and switch gear supplied and connected by customer
  Components Engine coolant and battery heater 110 volt A.C.
Battery charger
Follow through type starter drive
Automatic Starter control
Starting time limitor
Anti-kick-back control
Overspeed control
Low oil pressure safety
High coolant temperature safety

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