Chrysler Air Raid Siren Maintenance Manual

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The Engine Lubrication system supplies a constant flow of Filtered Oil to all internal Engine parts. The Oil Pump in the oil pan, driven by the Distributor and Oil Pump drive shaft, draws oil through a floating Strainer and forces it through the oil Filter to the Crankshaft, Timing Gears and Valve tappets. Piston and Cylinders are lubricated by splash feed. Crankcase ventilation is provided through a ventilator pipe with an Air Cleaner, removing fumes and moisture from the Crankcase. An Air Filter on the Oil filler pipe cleans air before it enters the Crankcase.

The selection of the proper brand of Engine oil and other lubricants should be based on the reputation of the Refiner or Marketer. He is responsible for the quality of his product and his reputation is your best guarantee of quality. Always use a detergent type engine oil.

Viscosity recommendations are as follows:

  Not lower than + 32 F. Use SAE 30
  As low as + 10 F. Use SAE 20-W
  As low as - 10 F. Use SAE 10-W
  Below - 10 F. Use SAE 5-W


If SAE 5-W Engine Oil is not available, SAE 10-W may be diluted with Kerosene. The proper proportion is one (1) pint of Kerosene to five (5) quarts of SAE 10-W.


The need for changing Engine Oil depends to a large degree upon local conditions, extremely dusty conditions necessitate more frequent changes. A comparison of the Oil on the indicator with fresh oil will usually serve as a guide. Lack of body, the presence of dirt or grit and excessive darkening of the Oil indicate that fresh Oil is needed. Under ordinary conditions a change of Engine oil every three (3) months is a good rule to go by. The Oil capacity is five (5) quarts. It is always advisable to drain the crankcase while the Engine is at normal operating temperature, because the Oil will drain more completely when hot, and will, therefore, carry any foreign material and dirt with it.


It is good practice to replace the Full Flow Filter Element when changing oil, (Figure 8). To replace Filter Element, remove the Filter drain plug and drain the oil, remove the clamp screw from the clamp ring, open the ring and remove the Filter cover, the cover gasket and the Filter Element. Wipe the housing clean and install the new Filter Element, install a new cover gasket and the cover. Close the clamp ring and install the retaining screw. Be sure the drain plug is in place before starting engine.


With each oil change, remove the Air Cleaner from the oil, filler pipe and one from the ventilator outlet pipe, wash in kerosene, dry and reoil with SAE 50 engine oil.


With each oil change or oftener, depending on operating conditions, Carburetor Air Cleaner should be serviced, (Figure 9). Procedure, remove the cover Filter Element and clean in kerosene. Allow to drain. Unscrew the clamp screw and remove the reservoir and the gasket between the reservoir and the Carburetor. Clean the reservoir thoroughly and install the reservoir with the gasket on the Carburetor. Be sure the gasket is in good condition and the reservoir fits securely on the Carburetor, then tighten the clamp screw. Refill the reservoir to the indicated level with one pint of SAE 50 Engine Oil for temperatures above 32 degrees F., or SAE 20-W for temperatures below 32 degrees F. Do not overfill reservoir, as excess oil in the Air Cleaner may be sucked into the Carburetor and the Engine. Install the Filter element and cover.


Between Oil changes, check the Oil level each weekly inspection. The Oil Level Indicator (Figure 10) is of the bayonet type, with two markings, "FULL" and "ADD OIL". After the Engine has been standing, the Oil Level should be at the FULL mark. After Engine has started, this Level will drop somewhat, due to the filling of Oil passages and the Oil Filter. A quart of Oil should be added when the Level is at "ADD OIL" mark. Do not run the Engine with the Oil Level below the "ADD OIL" mark.


One grease fitting. Lubricate with Water Pump grease, every three (3) months.


Two oil cups, one at either end. Lubricate with five to ten drops of SAE 10-W engine oil every three (3) months.


Grease cup at the side. Fill with chassis lubricant, give cup one complete turn every three (3) months. Remove Distributor Cap and Rotor and apply two or three drops of oil to the felt wick in top of cam, every three (3) months.


One oil hole with oil retainer wick. Lubricate wick with five to ten drops of SAE 10-W every six (6) months.


One grease fitting. Lubricate with chassis lubricant, every six (6) months.


Three grease fittings. Lubricate with chassis lubricant every six (6) months.


Two grease fittings. Lubricate with Standard Oil Co. FG6543 ball bearing lubricant or equivalent every six (6) months.


Two grease fittings. Lubricate with chassis lubricant every six (6) months.


One grease fitting. Lubricate with chassis lubricant every six (6) months.


Two grease fittings. Lubricate with chassis lubricant every six (6) months.


Is a double Reduction unit, with an Input Gear Case and Output Gear Case. Once every year, rinse out both Gear Cases with flushing oil and refill with SAE 90 oil. Input Gear Case, fill to level of 1/8 inch pipe plug at end of Worm Case. Output Gear Case, fill to oil level indicator plate and 1/8 inch pipe plugs.

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