Chrysler Air Raid Siren Maintenance Manual

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The Six volt electrical system includes the Storage Battery, Generator, Generator Regulator, Starting Motor, Ignition Coil, Distributor, Spark Plugs, together with the necessary cables.

  Model 1BB-4101-M
  Cam Angle (Dwell) 27 1/2 to 30 one set of points
34 to 36 Total Dwell
  Gap .015" to .018"
  Breaker Arm Tension 17 to 20 ozs.
  Condenser Capacity .250 to .285 MFD.
  Timing Mark Location Vibration Damper
  Rotation Clockwise
  Firing Order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
  Automatic Advance Curve 400 R.P.M. 0-1 -- 650 R.P.M. 1-3
1025 R.P.M. 4-6
-- 1400 R.P.M. 7-9
1775 R.P.M, 10-12
  Ignition Coil  
  Model CR6015
  Ampere Draw  
  Engine Idling 2.25 AMPS
  Engine Stopped 5. 0 AMPS
  Starting Motor  
  Model M C L 6201M
  Voltage 6
  Number of Brushes 4
  Spring Tension 42 to 53 oz.
  Field Coils 4
  Drive Bendix type Folo-Thru
  Free Run Test  
  Voltage 6
  Ampere Draw 50 to 65
  RPM 5300
  Stall Torque Test  
  Torque (Foot Pounds) 8.0 LBS.
  Voltage 2.0
  Amperage Draw 410
  Generator Regulator  
  Model VAV 6001 B12F
  Ground Polarity Positive
  Cut-Out Relay  
  Armature Air Gap .031 to .034
  Contact Point Gap  .015
  Closing Voltage 6.4 to 7.0
  Opening Voltage 4.1 to 4.8
  Voltage Regulator  
  Armature Air Gap .048 to .052
  Operating Voltage 7.2 to 7.5
  Current Regulator  
  Armature Air Gap .048 to .052
  Operating Amperage 50
  Model GGU 6001-R
  Type 6 Volt Shunt Wound
  No. of Brushes Two
  Field Coil Draw 1.7 to 1.8 at 6.V
  Motoring Draw 5.5 to 6.5 at 6.V
  Hot Output  
  Volts 8
  Max Amp 50
  Max R. P. M. 1840
  Model MW-2-135R
  Voltage 6
  No. of Plates 19 per cell
  Capacity 135 Amp. hrs.
  Terminal to Ground Positive


Spark plugs used in the Siren Engine are the resistor type (4S165), size 14mm. After cleaning the Spark Plugs, adjust the gap to .035 inch, using a round wire feeler gauge. Make all adjustments on the side electrode of the Spark Plug. If center electrode is bent, the porcelain may crack, resulting in plug failure. Do not drop Spark Plugs into the tubes as this may cause the gaps to close up. When installing, place a Spark Plug in the socket wrench (Figure 7) and bring the tube down over the Plug. Hold the Plug down in the tube and insert the assembly into the Cylinder Head. Tighten Spark Plugs using a torque wrench thirty (30) to thirty-two (32) foot pounds.

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