The American City Magazine - August 1952

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Ready To Warn Americans at a Moment's Notice! 

Paul Revere's famous ride April 18th, 1775, warned Americans of impending attack.


  • Sounds Loudest Warning ever produced

  • Has independent power

  • Can be remote-controlled

  • Cost less for complete coverage

Today, Chrysler Air Raid Sirens are standing ready to warn American cities and towns in case of attack.

These sirens produce the loudest warning sound ever achieved by modern production.  They are independently powered by the revolutionary new 180 horsepower Chrysler V-8 Industrial Engine.  This great engine is the only power needed to motivate the Siren.  When operating at full speed the Chrysler Siren has a range of four miles.

Chrysler Air Raid Sirens can be remote-controlled from a hidden central control station, or may be manually operated at the location site. Chrysler Sirens offer greatest coverage with the least number of sirens.  More sound carries over a wider area. 

For complete information, specifications and availability of this most modern warning device, write Siren Layout Service, Marine and Industrial Division, Chrysler Corp., Trenton, Michigan.


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