The American City Magazine - April 1952

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NEW CHRYSLER AIR RAID SIREN Produces Loudest Sound for Defense Warning Systems 

The Chrysler Air Raid Siren produces 138 decibels of sound 100 feet from the throat. It has a range of 8 miles.  It produces the loudest warning sound ever perfected for modern production

The Chrysler Siren is independent of vulnerable central power systems as it is powered by the new Chrysler 180 horsepower V-8 engine.  This same power rotates the unit 360 every minute.

The Chrysler Air Raid Siren is now being installed in many principal cities throughout the country because it is the loudest, most foolproof, most economical warning siren on the market, (One city saved $100,000 by installing Chrysler Sirens.)

For complete information, specifications and availability for your city, town or industrial plant write: Marine and Industrial Engine Division, Chrysler Corporation, 12202 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit 31, Michigan.


Assures Correct Layout for Your Warning System

Chrysler Siren Technicians will help you plot your city map for correct coverage.  Send us a geographical map of the area you need covered.  We will plan your Siren Defense System for you!  Write Siren Layout Service, Chrysler Corporation, 12300 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit 31, Michigan.

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